Microwave Oven:

Microwaves (short waves or high frequency radio waves) are the shortest of radio waves, with a length of 0.1 millimeter and a frequency of 3 x 109 Hz. They are found in the non-ionizing portion of the energy spectrum, between radio waves and visible light. "Non-ionizing" means that microwaves do not detach charged particles and produce atoms with an unbalanced plus or minus charge. Microwaves can therefore safely produce heat and not cause food to become radioactive. We have a variety ranging from 20 litres to 48 litres. Its salient features include:

  Here are some common features.  
  Auto Defrost Menu  
  Auto Cook Menu  
  Automatic Turn Table Cooking  
  Anti Rust Steel Body  
  Kitchen Timer  
  Please select your desired Refrigerator Vendor to its complete range.  

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